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My approach

Ready to collaborate? Great, take a look how your project will unfold.

Get a feel for my work

Have a look at my portfolio and website to make sure I’m the right copywriter to suit your audience and budget. You’ll find an outline of services and rates here.

Like it? Love it?

Why thank you! Send me a message harley (at) then, tell me who you are, and introduce me to your project.  I’ll follow-up with a call to go though your project in more detail.

Pull out some logic

On our call, we’ll make sense of what you want the copy to do. Afterwards, I’ll send you a proposal outlining your project scope, delivery dates and show you what your fee covers (whether there’s a deposit for the work depending on how big the project is).

What’s included

From ideation to implementation your fee covers launch meetings, research, feedback, one round of revisions, one round of final adjustments, sign off and delivery.

For tone of voice projects your fees cover workshops, support thought the project, industry research, and a delivered set of guidelines, plus recommendations on how to scale on-brand copy for your in-house and freelance teams, projects, and consumer channels.

You’ll also get the expertise, ideas and creativity of a mid-weight professional with almost a decade international marketing experience.

The dotted line

To get going,  sign the proposal that outlines what we agree as part of the project, including delivery dates. No one likes surprises, so have a look at my terms and conditions to give you a sense of what’s in the agreement beforehand.

Once the agreement is signed, work shall begin.

What’s the latest in the world of writing?

Read my thoughts on language, consumer behaviour and branding.

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