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Ideas beyond the written word

Reflections is a compendium of language, consumer behaviour and branding. Thoughts are my own.

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Want Unparalleled Creativity: Dive into Divergent Thinking


Are you caught up in the pursuit of creative ideas and inspiration? 

Take a look at my latest reflection, where I write about the concept of divergent thinking and its potential benefits for creative problem-solving.

You’ll see specific examples of how you use it in your writing process along withother divergent thinking techniques, such as free-writing, random word association, and reverse brainstorming for you to try out on your next creative exercise.

The formula to make your social copy stick


Do you want to sound just like every other brand on social media?

Good, you’ve landed on the right post. Aside from authenticity, a consistent tone of voice is key to reinforce your brand's message, and make it worth remembering.

Have a read of this reflection where I share some pointers to make sure you sound in tune across all touchpoints.

Remember, if you're not saying it in the right way, your audience will simply swipe away.

Keeping the flame lit during a brand crisis


We know there’s an unadulterated dialogue between online brands and its customers. no doubt you've likely  seen how delicate this line of communication can be.

Bad news doesn't only travel quickly; it travels far.

Aside from freezing all your scheduled posts immediately, read my latest reflection learn what to do during a social media crisis.

The secret to authentic campaigns in 2021


How close are your customers?

Just like the change in the way we interact with our cities, the businesses within them have reformed too, taking a local approach to fit in with our new lifestyle choices - cities aren’t dead; they’re evolving.

Segmenting your target audience by location with regional and spatial data has never been more significant. Read my latest reflections on hyper-localisation and its impact on your social media strategies.

Will 2021 be the year of a change in the physical urban landscape? Or will the shift be in our urban psychology?

Broken Channels - How to fix your local brand pages


As consumers seek out authenticity and online communities become small-scale, it always surprises me when brands overlook a localised social media strategy.

Localisation is a massive component of any marketing strategy. I've outlined some ideas in this article, and no, it's not just about translation; It's about getting under the skin of a culture, making the messaging more human-centric. Read more about it here.

What’s the latest in the world of writing?

Read my thoughts on language, consumer behaviour and branding.

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