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Tone of voice and B2C copywriting
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Work with me on brand books, manifestos, email campaigns or specialist projects outlined below.

Together, we’ll define your verbal identity shape of.

Tone of voice

Speak in your own words
Tell your own narrative in your own way and have the tools you need to brief other writers.

Campaign transcreation 

Borderless campaigns

From French to English so you can deliver your international campaigns with the same impact.

Editorial positioning 

Engaging brand content

Fallen behind? Align your brand to new strategies so you’ll have engaging brand content you’ll be proud to share.

Language audits 

Sound the same wherever you are

Evaluate your brand. Find out what works, what doesn't, and how to fix inconsistencies.

I need this,  make me over

What’s the latest in the world of writing?

Read my thoughts on language, consumer behaviour and branding.

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