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Big on ideas, tight on cultural nuance  

Hi I’m Harley and I write consumer-facing copy for global corporations and ad agencies. Keeping you on the minds of your consumers.

Want your global strategies to be as impactful as intended?
I’ve done it for these folks, now let’s do it for you.

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Fervently delivering eye-catching B2C copywriting

It’s noisy out there.

I’ll approach your project with an outside perspective to find your brand’s truth to deliver copy with exactitude. 

See an example of a trigger email campaign, or tone of voice guidelines to give you an idea. Or view my portfolio here.

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Leadership say

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Harley. His creativity is contagious and his ideas brought campaigns to life.”

Paul Anderton, Partnerships Director, Bicycle
“Harley is a good man to have around and I've always relied on him as a partner who will deliver great results on the projects we've worked on together. He is a solution orientated kind of guy and has always been quick to pick up on and resolve some of the more challenging aspects of the work we do. I would love to work with Harley again in the future, and would highly recommend him to any project team.”

Jim Mott, Cultural Insight Director, BAMM

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Read my thoughts on language, consumer behaviour and branding.

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A digital copywriter, based in Paris, France.
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