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Ever read something and found yourself nodding along? That’s the brilliance of excellent copywriting.
And that’s what I do. 

No matter where in the world you are, see me as your creative resource to fit around whatever word problem you’re trying to fix.

You’ll have a writer specialised in cross-cultural communication, in-house, from day one articulating your brand’s values and helping you communicate effectively.

Words have always found me, no matter where I go. I began working in market research writing questionnaires for ethnographic studies. I left London with my bike and two bags, started writing video scripts for marketing films and the rest is history. 

From a little black desk in Paris, I’ve written brand haikus, tone of voice guidelines and ran writing workshops. I’m always learning, always discovering and always fascinated by the power of language.

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A digital copywriter, based in Paris, France.
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